Your Coding Your Way

Your Most Effective Business Accelerator

The Unconventional Kinesiologist
The Unconventional Kinesiologist

Here’s what we do in Your Coding – Your Way.

During your sessions, I collapse and evaporate all programming, misalignments, investments and attachments to anything other than your Highest Ascension Point.

We activate your original codes that out-create confusion, energy swings and resistance.

This way you’re all in for receiving what’s next.


I channel through the awareness and frequencies that kick start the clarity and confidence to make solid choices and move the needle on your business.

We locate and calibrate two action steps that reflect your coding and stimulate new opportunities, connections and clients.

You are elevated out of the fog into the golden light that is you.

From here the path to doubling your impact and income can be amazingly quick and simple.

The value of these one of a kind sessions depends how keen you are to move the dial on your business.

For some its resulted in doubling their sales starting that month. For others more than that. There is a consistency and consolidation they really enjoy.

If you’ve read this far, one of those spots is calling you.
Make contact via email and we’ll get started.

“Your Coding – Your Way”

Activating high achieving Light Leaders into miraculous empowerment so business becomes simpler, sounder and more impactful.

Become a fully resourced Light Leader

  • Unlock your next level message,
  • Master your ascending voice,
  • Create leadership level services and products

Live your authentic truth in miraculous empowerment.

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