Wealth Acceleration Hub

$5,555.00 plus gst

Hub – a Place of Great Activity AND Activation.

THIS is FOR peeps who
♥ are all about knowing your sacred calling – what you came here to do
♥ are helping tons of people with your unique medicine,
♥ AND know that elevating your money relationship
is going to make this even easier.



When You are Choosing to

  • Creating consistent income flows.
  • Leave behind income oscillations.
  • Outcreate income plateaus.
  • Use the seven money codes to create a simple clear base and pathway for next level business targets.
  • Maintain a clear channel of connection.
  • Trust this connection and make choices from Highest Ascension points.

We are going to:

  • Fast from “getting” clients and money and expand the “receiving” coding.
  • Generate through the 7 codes we’ve already activated.
  • Look at worksheets and numbers in different way – a way that works for tuned in switched on creators.
  • Do a daily lift practice attuned to the money mastery target.
  • Shifting paradigms and outmoded ways of being. Choosing into greaterness.
  • Designing your personal Ascension Wealth Vortex – acknowledge on calender what is occurring in a way that supersedes judgement and activates more.
  • Replace financial ebbs and flow paradigm with New Earth way of having money run through your business.
  • Jump in to the advanced methods of building the business of your dreams.
  • Replace worrying about how others will view you as a prosperous financially resourced new earth leader to claiming your desire for millions without apology.

Here’s What Happens
in Our High Vibe Business Acceleration Hub

June 25 – November 5, 2024

We meet every second Tuesday for 5 months. A total of 10 sessions, varying between 60 and 90 minutes. We begin June 25, 2024.

• Your “I’m going through this at the moment” questions are encouraged.

• All sessions are recorded and lifetime access in a google drive folder.

There is either a private facebook or Telegram Group for:-

• Breakthrough sharings,

• Clarifying questions

• and any downloads I receive between scheduled calls.


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