Solstice Synergy Integration

$97.00 plus gst

Join us for Activation Call

Tuesday July 2 @ 2.00pm.

On zoom – Call will be recorded.

The whole way of doing business is changing.

You’ve felt it.  As an experienced business owner and expert in your field, you’ve been aware of the shift for some time and now more than ever it’s affecting your results.

It can feel like you’ve got one leg on the boat and the other on the pier. And you’re about to split in two as the boat takes off, not sure whether to be on the boat or opt for “what you’ve known.” . . . 



As the winds of change blow more strongly you have to make a choice – the boats speeding up. 

And we all know what happens when we get split in two and fall in the drink.

This is reflected most obviously in two ways.

  1.  revenue streams
  1.  mood swings, brain fog or exhaustion.

It’s so annoying. You had things set up and they were working pretty well. Up until the beginning of the year. What used to make sense and “work” is no longer as effective or in some cases stopped working at all.

You can continue to keep one leg on the pier and have increased levels of frustration and ickiness OR connect with more awareness of the new energies and the emerging new ways.

As we enter the second half of the year, the new way…… You know, the one that allows you to sail easily into calling in clients and revenue is here.

Not because of some fancy complicated system.

Because of the open portal that is here.  Now.

Everything is operating in new ways at different dynamics. The first place this shows up is in the economy. Money is a Universal Language on this planet. Economy is founded in Business. You are in Business. You have the capacity to activate new ways that work better and more effectively for everyone. 

It’s not only about copy, ads, mindset, drawing a line in the sand, and consistent social media posting.

What do you do in this transition time that allows the old systems to fade away profitably?

Hustling and fixing things doesn’t cut it. Even the gurus of marketing are using different language in their “how to” trainings.

Language is vibration – sound. It makes a difference. And so does this new portal energy.

Tuning into this energy opens up the possibilities and pathways for the rest of the year. This is where the new language drops in from.

It’s time to clear the old business paradigm and open the portal for the rest of the year.

If you’re “aligning” you’re unintentionally limiting the possibilities. Find out what does work NOW, in even wilder ways by joining me and The Universe at 2pm on Tuesday July 2. 

Receive a direct channel as to what this new paradigm and “system” looks like, how you fit into it, as well as the energetic shifting in your body and field to allow this in.

Yes – it’s after the jam packed super activating Solstice plus full moon energies. It’s purposefully designed to support you to integrate what’s been gifted from the universe during these times. What I can tell you is that these energies are like cosmic trampolines for success in your earthly businesses. 

A recording is available.


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