Recession Rate Wellness Session

$600.00 plus gst

Special $199.oo offer closed.

Of course we know how easy it is to be stress entangled at the level of financial survival and how it leaks its restrictive maya into other areas of well being and forward action.

So I have opened up space for 75 minute sessions at a very affordable $199 price point for the first two weeks of March.



Of course you can use the session for whatever you choose like:

  • stress release
  • being non-reactive to current financial position
  • improving energy levels and vitality
  • achievement of personal goals
  • personal growth
  • spiritual development
  • energy tune-up
  • anxiety patterns and depressive tendencies
  • clarity, focus and motivation
  • money matters
  • sleep issues
  • digestive disorders
  • self-esteem/self-worth/self-confidence
  • muscular issues and other physical aches, pains and injuries

The choice is yours. What empowers you the most?

Stress of any and all kinds is not kind to our being or our body. Feeling under pressure all the time is exhausting,

This is no time to postpone the ongoing development of your dreams and desires for you and your family.

Seventy five minutes of magic and clearing could just be the best thing you ever did. Even during a recession.

On purchasing your session, you’ll receive an email with a link to book your time.

On the off chance there isn’t a time that works,  let me know and we’ll organise a special spot that does or you’ll receive a full refund.

I wonder how quickly they’ll fill up?

My diary is open until close of business Monday for your booking.


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