Activate and claim

the Possibilities of You

You are essentially energy

NOT an intellectual concept.


SO . . .


Shift your energy And

Activate the Possibilities of You.


It’s easy to split away from the essence of who you really are  – the Possibilities of You.


You feel under pressure, overwhelmed, fearful, disappointed or discouraged.

You get caught up in ways of being that are NOT the possibilities of You. And you know it.


The good news is that we are the ones we have been waiting for.

We are in the midst of a huge social shift – akin to the 18th century move from agriculture to industrialisation – from a system built on external rewards practices, to one that is centred on collaboration, mastery and purpose.


Maybe it’s just slipped your awareness . . .

that the biggest pressure, fear, stress and disappointment,  is actually not being true to you.

Missing out on the Possibilities of You is what’s Actually really p*ssing you off.


Regardless of what’s going on around you . . .

You Are Way More Than You Think You Are.

You are way more than you think

Why would you mistakingly waste your life force entangled in an odd sort of restlessness – almost boredom, exhaustion or frustration?

Why would you “try things” hoping they’ll work out better, when all the while, there’s a vast pool of aligned possibilities on offer?

Your commitment to

Being a Frequency Resonator of higher planetary service.

Truly coming alive.

Making a real contribution.

Creating a difference by BEING the blueprint.

Waking up by walking down into practical expression of the difference.

Changing our world.

Really Matters. Really makes a Difference.

It’s all part of the Quantum Magic.

If you don’t show up as the highest resonance of all of you, you miss where the Universe IS showing up to complement you.

The  transformation space created in this program is called Tangible Transition.

 It’s a unique process and a revelationary experience,  delivered in 4 easy steps via zoom.

It encompasses activations, attunements,  reframes, paradigm flips, expanded awareness as well as, questions and explorations of the everyday application.

A very empowering combination.

The mind alone does not create accelerated progress. Energy shifts without consciousness, does not create accelerated progress. 

Together they truely are a catalyst for tangible transition.

The Tangible Transition Process

Coming Together

We begin by diving straight in.

Answering the call to Claim and Activate the Possibilities of YOU, is actually a big step in coming together.

Coming together with you, the universe and your next level of contribution. 

This yes, helps move you beyond situations that have consumed your  light with tediousness or feeling trapped in being smaller than you truly are. 

We come together with the liberation of infinite  potential prepared lifetimes ago.  

Together, you undergo a unique process that clears and empowers simultaneously. These are the possibilities of this now.

You come together with the power of you that allows you to

Let Be what is becoming rather than what you think it must be.

This is an infinite coming together, that shakes your world into the possibilities of you.

Eruption of Light

Light in action is profound magic.

What if every day you lived Knowing you are an eruption of light. No longer questioning the relevance, potential, impact or implications of that. 

Truly knowing this is the foundation to finding the right words, showing up the best way and giving you the tools to navigate situations from a place of certainty of the love emerging.

All this is activated in your DNA, integrated into your consciousness and resonated through the Infinite Possibilities of You. Clarity, courage, confidence and calm collaborate with you. 

You are the catalyst of more light.

The Heart of Awakening

Let the Universe In – You are the universe.

You activate an aspect of the heart that opens more to the possibilities of You. 

This connection facilitates the infinite potential/possibility through your life calling.

Learn the 4 elements of consistent connection.

Giving you stability, awareness, confidence and trust.

The Lost Art of Receiving

This often overlooked or dismissed aspect of life.

Learning how to integrate it with its sacred partner is a game changer for so many.

It’s the beginning of playing with Life as your lover. How many possibilities of you are free for this?

The Possibilities of You

In your 

❤︎ Business or Career

❤︎ Relationships

❤︎ Prosperity

❤︎ Well Being

❤︎ Speak your authentic voice.

❤︎ Cultivate your creative vision.

❤︎ Liberate a product or service, an enriching way of life.

❤︎  Create a way to share it with the world.

❤︎  Enjoy financial independence.


For years, as sensitives being on the leading edge, we have gone through relentless transformations.

We have worked on ourselves clearing, opening, integrating and creating.

Now we have the unconventional heart- based answers others seek.

No more waiting to be asked, no more apprenticeships, no more asking for approval.

Those who recognise your truth and are willing, will find you – they will sense the new template.


How available are you to the new paradigms, perspectives, cycles, resonances, and frequencies? 

How accepting are you of your greater possibilities? 

Where does trust buoy you on and where does it waver? 

The big shift in your purpose and presence happens when you realise that now is not about leaving the world and your human traits behind.

It’s  about integrating your quirks, idiosyncrasies, weirdness and sore and sensitive spots into what makes you You. 

Developing Trust

Let the art of dynamic, creative unfolding be way more effective than goals, plans or linear thinking.

Be the light in action.

Become unattached and fully engaged.

Imagine a life that is rich with new ways, different ideas.

Insights and knowings do not come via striving, analysing or willpower.

They come from receiving, being aware, listening,  curious action, making space.

The more present and available you are, the more obvious the next quantum bounce.


cLife can appear overwhelming, frightening or fascinating depending on your perspective.

Gain clarity on what stays and what goes in your chosen reality.

Develop a sacred skill that trampolines into the Possibilities of You.

If  you move beyond good or bad or right or wrong – if these judgements no longer rule you, what clarity of direction opens up? What greater possibilities appear?

If you have the courage to choose for and from you – not against or because of another, what magic, synchronicity, power and potential pours through you?


Letting You Happen

 Consciously accelerate the arrival of insights or ideas. Not by making it happen. More like letting YOU happen.

If you gave up hardship. and took up Being All of You, what success would you create?

Are you willing to have your personal thinking about yourself and life disrupted and disturbed enough to reveal the creative source, potential, and power underneath it?

Speak your authentic voice. Cultivate your creative vision. Liberate a product or service, a way of life, that lives inside of you. Create a way to share it with the world. Enjoy financial independence.

You are here to be the success of you. That’s how its being designed.

Discover why attaching self-worth to an outcome stops you in your tracks, and poisons your possibilities.

Learn how to release your creations into the world-whatever form they take.

Imagine the freedom of not needing to believe in yourself to create the cool stuff you’re ready to bring into the world.

Why would you join?

Activate and Claim the Possibilities of You

a 4 week expansion experience.


Once a week for 4 consecutive weeks we’ll meet on line and activate a new possibility of you.

You consciously place yourself in an energetic space crafted to set free the deeper knowings of your heart and soul.

Any sabotages and resistances are transformed.


We are rider bigger waves of energy now. It’s an invitation to master new ways of thinking, being and contributing.

Discover a previously overlooked power centre that’s simple and empowering.

It’s a way to ensure you no longer  spiritually by-pass the potential of you.

You learn to dance the waves of evolutionary change.


You’ll receive state of the art energetic support to balance, clear and liberate the reframes we open up in each session.  

This is state of the art technology only recently released. It amplifies the level of support and transformation exponentially.


A unique possibilities calendar to guide and focus your energy every day.


You’ll discover the possibilities involved in accelerated change and how the Possibilities of You are the pathways.

This is about knowing how to go to higher harmonics of feeling. Liberate yourself finally into the greater possibilities of all of You in action.



These keys form the framework that grounds as you expand into the real possibilities of you.

With them, welcome to the world of infinite posssibilities. Success, harmony, fulfilment and more await. 

Without them .. . well anything is possible. It will just be harder and longer. 

As a member of this program, you’ll be invited to share those questions that seem to “get in the road” of you being the possibilities of you and living life in the way you know you can.

Some of the questions are big, and some of them are those everyday things that just no longer serve you. Email them in, and they will be addressed.

Over the four weeks – you’ll discover leading edge keys to accessing the Possibilities of You. You further create a life you know you came here to live.

After all, that is the most direct pathway to a different world.

The Possibilities of You Actually
shifts consciousness.

Shifts in consciousness create a better world.

All our worlds is the world.


What’s Included?

  • Weekly 90 minute live calls for four weeks
  • Includes live Q and A
  • Recordings of all the calls
  • Unique Quantum Living recordings specifically created to integrate your personal transformation.
  • The key point of each week is integrated into your body energetics, complimenting ongoing deep actualisation of the possibilities of you.
  • You simply listen each day to fully calibrated sound files that deepen your uptake of the weeks potentials.  Approximately 12 minutes total listening time. (These are provided within 24 hours of the weekly call.)
  • A Perpetual Possibilities Calendar.


  • Free Access to the first Possibilities 2022 call – an annual program to navigate the year ahead. (Held in December 2021)
  • Your Dreams Matter 3 part Program
  • Special opportunity to apply for personal Light Essence Activation session with Grace Ambrook.

Begins Wednesday November 10 for 4 weeks.

All calls are recorded if you cannot make it live at 4.00pm AEST. (Brisbane Australia time zone.)

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