“Five New Earth Reframes that Dispel Common Fallacies Limiting Business Success”

This free E-book exposes the light in the shadow of outdated concepts that no longer work in marketing and strategy.

Receive instant elevation of your energy, perspectives, possibilities and prosperity.

There’s a refreshing vibe in the writing style that activates as you read.

As a visionary light-leader, New Earth Entreprenuer or conscious business owner, you’ll love and appreciate the “light bulb moments” that fill your heart and return you to the momentum that accelerates your success.

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Don’t you love it – when what you’ve been asking for just shows up?

This ebook is woven with clarity and frequency that reframe and recalibrate as you read.

The keys unlock where you’re identified with what you think you ‘have to do’ and have been dismissing what the Universe is asking you to do.

Grace Ambrook

Shift 1

In “Leaping to What’s Next,” we debunk common fallacies that hinder business success and personal growth.

Shift 2

Energy matters, and understanding its dynamics is pivotal in your journey.


Shift 3

Move into efficient, focused space that elevates your vision and energy. Free yourself of odd energy hijinks that create more havoc than we realise.

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