New Ways of 2022

Consciously Accelerating Your Presence





12 month Mastery Class 

Keys to Aligned Expansion

How do you feel about the year ahead?

2021 was an intense year. The energies, humanity, the ups, the downs, the sideways and the “what the”?

  Is it possible that love is quantum leaping us into uncharted territory?

The territory YOU actually know about at the level of your essence.

  Could it be that you actually ARE the new possibilities?

  Might it be wise to be among other quantum leapers in the year ahead?

With each new wave of energy there is difference.  There is possibility. There is potential and opportunity.

In this gathering, we bring them down to earth. We ground them with action.

When things feel like they are getting too full or too tight, or collective consciousness is too divisive and chaotic –  a new paradigm ALWAYS emerges.

And YOU and WE – Hold those Keys.


And YOU and WE -Hold those Keys.

And So . . . May I ask You

What would it take for you to actively choose new paradigms in your life? To really shift the choices and decisions you make.

Is it important to you to liberate the most brilliant and creative parts of you and create a better 2022? 

What greater contribution can you make by supporting yourself to be a quantum leader in your space?

And, how expansive for your growth and transformation would it be to have a guide and a cohort to have your back, witness your heart throughout the year?

Having a mentor and a community to appreciate, acknowledge and expand your presence and power is one of the best ways to ensure success along your path.

Inquiry Creates Possibilities

  What are the possibilities of this expanding infinite potential?

  And is it possible that humans are the wheels that turn the potentials of life into new realities?


Third Tuesday of each month.


On-line Mastery Series


To be the wildest possibilities that you came here to be.

Starts Sunday December 19, 2021

2.00pm - 3.30pm AEST

Then the third Tuesday of each month concluding November 2022

12 Month Mastery Class


Meet the new energy

Integrate the new energy

Be the new energy.

  • Each month you are guided to tune into the emerging consciousness. Grace brings to you the awareness, the frequency and the implications of the next step up in consciousness.

  • She’ll introduce it to you, explain how it’s playing out in life (on a personal and global level).
  • Then you’re taken through an experiential connection and integration of this new energy.
  • When we come back from that frequency activation, the call is opened up for sharing and deeper awareness and application  into everyday life.
  • New ways of 2022 weaves your unique potential and the emerging energies and consciousness together so you show up as your brightest most brilliant self.

THAT’s the new way of 2022!

What’s covered?


Exactly what we’ll cover is shown to me by the energy as the year unfolds. This enures it’s relevance and effectiveness for you all.

2022 is a year of variables.

It is these variables that are addressed. Each variable is a potential. And you’ll be guided deep into these potentials.

Resistances, conclusions and judgements are transformed, liberating you to integrate through action the awareness expanded each month.

Being fully You is the outcome.
Whatever You looks like.

You’ll not only understand why you make a difference,  but that you are the difference.

You’ll gain deep, cutting edge insights into the quantum reality that actually help you sustain your confidence amongst all the variables of 2022.

Keeping your inner fire alight regardless of external circumstance is such a bonus. Just that alone will make your 2022 a better year.

Learn a proven quantum tool to stabilise yourself as you observe increasingly bizarre occurrences here.

Move away from the pendulum of trying to get it right or feeling like you’ve got it wrong and into truly living the wisdom of your Infinite Heart.

You’ll shine brighter. That’s always fun! (And if it’s not, then you really need to do this!)

What's Included?

We begin on super powerful December 19 full moon.
Then monthly online gatherings on the 3rd Tuesday of each month.
10.00am – 11.30pm AEST concluding November 2022.

Each of the 12 powerful sessions is:
​90 minutes
All sessions are recorded and made available within 48 hours of live event.
​In each call there is:
​♦ Clear direct downloads of current consciousness fluxes.
​​♦ What they gift. What they bring up, and who to be about it.
​​♦ Energy Updates and activations
​​♦ Universal influences, insights and integrations
​​♦ Live coaching.
​​♦ Bring your questions, experiences and insights.
​♦ ​Email questions and insights are invited prior to the call and are addressed on the live call.

AND you receive
​​♦ Specially chosen harmonics to harmonize the energies between between calls.

​​♦ Empowering tools to navigate the rest of the month.


Internationally Popular Program for
3 Years In a Row

The power of consistent connection with the infinite facets of Consciousness changes your world. When your world changes, THE world changes.


Listening to your inner voice

As you ignite the codes of your highest light you’ll access the parts of you that make you a real presence on this plane.

You’ll receive

  • New Awareness with actionable implementation
  • ​​A powerful tool each month. These are way more effective than just clearing.
  • Energy Activations
  • ​Energy Integration
  • ​Never before realised insights
  • Deep personal realisations that set you free in your power.
  • Higher consciousness
  • ​Greater effectiveness to influence
  • ​Alignment to your expanding potential

Signature Process

Each month you access the knowledge, that turns into wisdom that gives you the confidence to be a real presence taking real action in this new earth.

Payment Options

Choose what feels best for you.
One full payment now.
Two payments, with the second payment  due 30 days after your initial payment.

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