Miraculous Empowerment Activation

Presented by Grace Ambrook,

The Unconventional Kinesiologist,

Intuitive Channel for Greater Business Success

Miraculous Empowerment Activation

This Miraculous Empowerment Activation has people on a high for days. they instantly receive higer guidance and insight on what’s next.

It’s purposfully crafted for Light Leaders in Business.

Worth is Treasured – not measured.”®

Grace Ambrook


I’m excited to learn more about you and  how I may be able to support your enormous vision and the implementation of that.

Here’s where a lot of people are when we first connect:

You’re pretty happy with the money you’re making, your offers are filling, and you’ve carved a niche in the marketplace thats working for you, but . . .

You find yourself oddly trapped in another income ceiling, despite doing all the things aligned to making millions. You’ve pretty much exhausted all the avenues you’re aware of.

You’re aware it’s costing you, financially and in terms of  your reach and impact.

The thing is, the older pathways don’t lead us to where we are going anymore. Working harder, creating more content or “healing your worth or money story” through mindset work- doesn’t even make a ripple.

You know there’s something else going on but just can’t seem to put your finger on it.



This advanced energetic work is the only thing I know of that cracks through that ceiling and fast.

To rise above where you are, to expand into greater possibilities, to experience even greater income potetential and reach can’t even be fathomed as your energetic wiring is enmeshed in fixing versus creating beyond.  

All that is last century dynamics. It’s crumbling in effectiveness. As a Light Leader being on the leading edge of tomorrows is the only place that generates momentum in your growth.

The version of you that’s able to hold your next level of impact and income is different from your current dynamic.

It’s not only awareness and connection and receiving, there’s this other piece. It doesn’t really have a word YET.

That’s what I channel to  you, and then things move.

This combined with your activated ability to hold more and the development of your uniqe dynamic that creates a vortex for people to fall into when they work with you. 

As a clear channel of futuristic business, high performing women like yourself rise quickly once we expand capacity to hold more with the missing key activated and  no longer missing.

If this resonates and you’re willing to lead yourself triumphantly into what’s next, let’s explore how we can work together.

Hit the button below to email me and I’ll send some details for you to explore about this mastery level channelling immerson. You’ll know if its a fit. 


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