Money Coding Mastery

More Impact – More Choice – More Money

Whose tired of playing the big-drama or big struggle game with their money?

If you’re a Conscious Business Owner, entrepreneur, visionary, coach, alternative medicine practitioner or mentor AND desire a deeply sustainable, nurturing and prosperous relationship with money . . . 

Original Money Coding Awaits. 

Money Coding Mastery

More Impact –

More Choice –

More Money

Whose tired of playing the big-drama or big struggle game with their money?

If you’re a Conscious Business Owner, entrepreneur, visionary, coach, alternative medicine practitioner or mentor AND desire a deeply sustainable, nurturing and prosperous relationship with money . . . 

Original Money Coding Awaits. 

Money Coding Mastery Allows

Ditching the old money programming and mastering the new money codes receiving sequence that allows elevated financials to flow to you now with great ease.

The hardship paradigm that’s convinced you ease is a fallacy and since you’ve already worked hard to get ‘here’, you’ll have to double your efforts to double your income – to disappear.

You to hold higher standards that allow for higher levels of wealth to flow to you effortlessly

Learning the 7 Money Codes to shed past traumas, and ditch the “earning and time trading” paradigm.

Learn to receive without

  • sacrifice
  •  guilt
  •  shame or
  •  compromising well-being

You have yet to master timeline jumping and other ascension tools that can do the ‘heavy lifting’ for you

You’ve put 7 figures on a pedestal as something special or out of reach so therefore it is

Without these activations you’re prone to:


Revert back to working harder to ‘earn’ more.


Fall into minimising inflow (lack) and unconsciously creating more outgoings (struggle).


Start doing deals for people because they are ‘nice people.’


Begin questioning if there really is something more for you.


Worry if more financial freedom will mean there are even less ways to bond with others.


Start comparing yourself to others.


Feeling the pressure of thinking you’ll be called upon “to help” even more than you currently are.

With the Original Money Coding Activated YOU

Easily receiving more clients, opportunites and customers

Bigger Trust and taking ACTIONS that 10x your income.

Being super clear on what to say, where and how often in your marketing.

Replace financial ebbs and flow paradigm with New Earth way of having money run through your business.

Jump into the advanced methods of building the business of your dreams.

During this experience, you are going to receive the 7 codes required for 7 figure flow so that you can easily collapse time and elevate into greater prosperity

We are going to move from questioning the possibility for you to seeing it as an inevitable.

From worrying about how others will view you as a prosperous financially resourced new earth leader to claiming your desire for millions without apology.

You’ll leave this event knowing exactly how to collapse time, instantly jump into your prosperous timeline and how to easily thrive in financial overflow (the way it was always meant to be)

. .  .You knew about money when you came in. You knew your original coding with money AND

You know you have the capacity to speak the money language during the fulfilment of your sacred mission here.

You are not here to be under resourced in anyway. You do not have to learn from that lesson again.

This is an untruth that you’ve been talked into believing.

Now you Know.

Who This IS For

This workshop is for you if you:

You want the success, minus the financial gaslighting and hard-to-get games…

Your current relationship with money could do with some love…

You’re curious about energetics and would like to hone in on your practice or discover how to infuse it into your financial circumstances…

You desire a relationship with money that feels nurturing, fulfilling, and prosperous …

And are over:


Not fully allowing your money channel to express it’s unique codes.


Being under the influence of the collective broken visionary/healer/creative imprint.


Being entangled in familial or peer group mindsets and timelines.


Having non benevolent beings (entities) interrupting your progress.

Which is why I’m over the moon excited
to invite you to a fabulous money – expanding Mastery class.

Money Coding Mastery.

Where you’ll receive activations for the money ascension codes

Learn the unique money codes that open and allow your money channel to fill and flow.

Access and receive the necessary frequency upgrades to be in full receptivity with millions – now!

Grow and expand at a rate you could never have imagined and increase business revenues substantially.

Be an activated and active participant of new earth money & business codes required to ‘do’ money and business the new way.

What’s happend for others after activations

Increased intake into annual program by 30%

Tripled sponsorship in a not for profit organisation.

Launched a digital marketing training company with a waiting list of clients.

Opened a second high end resort with instant bookings.

Had a remarkable outcome with an “impossible to win” hearing against a corporate big player.

Launched a book and training series with instant global impact.

In this 2 part ascension experience, we are going to move you from:

Downplaying your money desires to knowing the fullest expression of you that allows millions.

Bracing yourself for ‘back handed’ comments as you immerse into millions, knowing that it is your first nature to allow millions with ease.

Being concerned about the gossip in the ‘love and light lunchroom’ to vibrating so joyously in your own vibe, you’re not even aware of the whispers.

Becoming rattled when someone questions your confidence and clarity in the steps and decisions you are choosing to generate millions in your business to authentically holding your space without reservation.

Questioning your money channel to knowing the exact questions to ask to generate more.

Worrying about being judged as you leave the “struggle and vulnerability lifestyle” paradigm into greater kindness, generosity and success for all.

New earth businesses do not run on unconsciously developing your own adversity practices to prove your resilience and develop your insight or expertise.

You get to impact millions of people and BE the light you agreed to be on this planet this time.

As together we

Fully awaken your money channel

Activate your unique codes and

Allow financial overflow to fund your mission

This class builds confidence in filling your business potentials at rates that generate greater for all.

Your ideal clients can jump in with ease knowing they are in the best place for the best of them to blossom.

Millions await you on the other side of accepting your money codes &
upgrading your frequency to match that.

You’re welcome to calibrate to

Money Coding Mastery –

2 part Master Class for

$111.00 plus gst.

I’m not sure I have the words to truly express my heartfelt gratitude towards Grace for this life-changing experience.

This wonderful experience allowed me to remove blockages, align with my soul purpose, activate it and then truly understand and own it. To say I was beyond excited for the final session is an understatement – so much so that my celestial team arrived an hour early for the session – and despite this excitement the session was still 1,000 times more than anything I could have ever dreamt of.

Brooke McDonald

“Hi Grace,

Have definitely seen a dramatic increase in the amount of work that is coming in for our business.

I’ve also been feeling a general sense of ease at the moment. . . “


Business Owner

Grace’s course (Triple Eclipse Catalyst) was highly supportive as well as enlightening.

After working with Grace for ~15 yrs I always know I will have the desired shifts I am ready for.

The roller coaster of emotions during upleveling is ‘no more.’ It is now a much smoother ride – full of ease and grace.

Thanks you for the powerful work you bring to the world and so graciously share with us.

Claire McFee

Founder, True Compass Coaching

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For a long time I’ve had a yearning to do more, be more, awaken to my life purposes… but I just couldn’t figure out how to get from where I was to where I knew I needed to be.

Without Grace’s help I know it would have taken me years (perhaps lifetimes) to get to this point of understanding and inner knowing about what I came here to do. It’s now top of mind and every day I make a conscious effort to generate soul inspired pathways to help align with my soul purpose.

“At the time I tried the Sacred Sequence of Success I was at a point in my life where my business was ready to expand into new possibilities and new directions.

The outcomes were rapid and took me by surprise – doors opened immediately and opportunities flooded in. So much so that I then decided to repeat the sequence a week later to help me cope with building success without worry I felt about how much work there was to be done! I am now up to my 3rd time of repeating the sequence.

Jane Robatham

Wellness Facilitator, Registered Nurse

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I feel so lucky to have this tool, a little bit of Grace there to help me on my path whenever I need it – all in the comfort of my own home. Brilliant! Thank you so much.”

You’re welcome to calibrate to

Money Coding Mastery –

2 part Master Class for

$111.00 plus gst.

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