Grace Ambrook
The Unconventional Kinesiologist

Calling all LightLeaders, Visionaries, Creatives, and Alchemists!

It’s time to activate and shift into the boundless possibilities of New Earth Business.


Join us for an extraordinary experience as we activate the original codes of your enterprise and elevate it to new heights.


Step into a Realm Where the Multi-Dimensional Woman Meets Her Highest Ascension Point.

It’s time to equip yourself, as a New Earth Consciousness Entrepreneurial LightLeader, with the foundational tools for building a prosperous and impactful business. Discover the secrets of success in the ever-evolving landscape of the New Earth.

Master the Art of Asking Anything and Allowing Receiving

Learn to ask in ways that open doors to limitless awareness, insight, and knowing. Elevate your ability to receive at a whole new level of being, accessing the universal intelligence that empowers you to manifest your deepest desires.

Actualize Your Intentions and Fulfill Your Targets

Uncover the under-recognized pathway to realizing your business targets. Gain mastery over this transformative approach, guiding your business towards clarity, purpose, and unparalleled success.

Join us for an unforgettable experience of growth, exploration, and transformation.

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among visionaries and change-masters who are ready to embrace the future of business.

LightLeaders, Visionaries, Creatives, and Alchemists!

who are:

willing to be misunderstood
Who value their mission more than a need to be liked.
Who show up bright, confident AND real.
Who allow their personal vortex to do the heavy lifting for them.
Who are not afraid of big money and the projections from the love and light community.
Who have the emotional and energetic maturity to have given up ‘handling and managing’ and are fully into accessing and orchestrating greater possibilities.


Between 2x and 5x on their business targets.

Heightened clarity and focus.

Love collaborating with their Business Channel.  (or receiving from mine or both.)

Stop being exhausted by working at their boundaries and learn what to do instead.

Activate lost codes that are essential to creating success attuned to the New Earth Activations streaming in.

This is what lights you up and leads you forward in JOY.


The New Earth sees no gap between intuition and logic, between vision and implementation. It runs on receptivity, allowance and curation of energy rather than linear exceptions and projections. It will do your head and heart in if you stay in the gap.

Just like we are claiming the possibilities of the planet back, we claim genuine prosperity and supply.

Running a business focused on fixing yet another problem is failing to return the impact and income of times past.

Creating a business fuelled in possibility and making incredible impact and money is a very rapid way of touching those who are trapped in resistance to the fullest expresssion of the Universe. (Even though “they want to.”)

Choosing to channel the possibilities of the Universe through your business is truly liberating the creative space that generates a healthy planet with healthy humans.

Results Outweigh Logic Every Time. 

By continuing to go outside the four squares of what some people already find difficult to get their heads around, profound outcomes happen.

We are on an accelerating ascension. Due to its speed, we need to anchor more light and amplify it quickly.

There’s enormous efficiency in out-creating limitations and being the ascended and prosperous pioneers we came her to be.

Being fully resourced lubricates the spread of our infinite contributions. It anchors the new formations of doing business. What a blessing you be for that.

The paradigm of possibilities asks us to expand our capacity to stay the course, even through difficulties. Don’t allow the ego to take you down a vacant story of rightness and wrongness that drags you away in search of a substitute paradise.


The Unconventional Kinesiologist

Hi I’m Grace,

A highly connected channel and a truly unconventional Mentor of Transformation.

Energetic insight and my highly attuned gift of reading energy fields lays at the core of the acceleration of Light Leaders in business all over the world.

Many years ago, after the passing of Steve Jobs, he came to me in spirit and asked, “If I had worked with you before I passed, what difference would my world have been? How do you describe what it is you do?”

Boy did that put a cracker up my you know what.

Clients often remark, they don’t exactly know ‘how’ I do what I do, but the work we do together has changed their life forever.

Being a clear channel, and working with energy, codes of possibilities and awareness creates change and opportunities that felt impossible before.

Conscious channeling and energy reading has been my trusty partner for three decades. Teaching this way of being can only accelerate the wellness of this planet and all its inhabitants. 

Grace Ambrook

In various iterations beginning with people laying on massage tables to absent sessions to distant sessions, and zoom sessions to workshops, retreats, personal and group programs.

It continues to give me clear access to energy patterns and their upgrades.

I am here to partner with you to powerfully create your most uniquely brilliant business  *IF* you are willing to lead yourself.

There’s little else more miraculously empowering than Light Leaders and possibilities receiving and creating greater in a high frequency energy space with channeled input.

What ever your next level of contribution and success is – you’ve known this shift in energetic frequency was coming to this planet.

I know I’m here to activate and bring consciousness to the implementation of Light Leaders so we can be that most effectively, efficiently and joyously.  What about You?

Ways to Work Together

Miraculous Empowerment

Light Leader Activations, Anchoring, Expandings

For Light Leaders acknowledging the power of consistent top ups of leading edge frequencies and consciousness.

Each month for all of 2024, you receive:

  • Three pre-recorded activations relevant to the emerging frequencies. These will most likely be about where you’re feeling the poke from the Universe and the accelerant for transformation.
  • One live fully interactive session that includes channeled awareness of  the latest codes and paradigm shifts that ensure your greatest success and impact.

I strongly encourage questions  in these calls, as it pulls forward the infinite intel that’s in the field waiting for us all to become aware of and receive.


  • Live ‘Love Seat’ Coaching. Much more fun than being in the hot seat don’t you think?
  • Embodiemnet practices to run over the month.
Miraculous Empowerment

Pop UP Activations

Current POP UP: Mastering the Art of Receiving

As the energy calls I create POP-UP Activations.

These are spaces to open up new energies, clear the pathways, anchor it through your awareness and body and then expand it.

They are spontaneous, so I can’t tell you when or what the next one will be.

What I can tell you is these activations will be of the new codes, the new awarenesses, the new consciousness, the paradigm shifts and flips we require to be able to fully show up as all that we truly be.

As you know we are here to play. And it’s not to play in limitations. It’s to play in possibilities that by you running these codes AS your being spreads that frequency and possibility into the greater field.

The ‘stronger’ that frequency is – the more tangible it becomes to the second adopters.

All sessions are live, include Q and A and recordings are available within 48 hours.

Highest Calling

The Wealth of Your Being

Full allowance of the Wealth of Your Being to facilitate prosperity, empowerment and Presence.

Learn tools to hold your power while navigating the roller coaster ahead.  Without awareness and increasing your capacity to hold that power you could become part of the wobble rather than the brilliant light house leading the way.

Old structures are breaking down and rapid technology advances lacking heart are new conditions asking different things of us.

Learning to continually raise your consciousness, to value the wealth of your Being and expand your connection to it, is truly the pathway to genuine shared wealth of all kinds.

Realising what your infinite calling is during this transition and how it wishes to be expressed in the world is key.

Knowing what this feels like – to carry your  wealth ecstatically instantly draws more financial abundance to you to thrive in the bounty of your overflow.

Back yourself this now.
We begin February 7, 2024.


Highest Calling

Your Highest Calling Personal Mentoring

 There are times when we are super willing to take ourselves to the next level.

Doing that solo is commonly a slow ardous experience.

Being willing to back yourself by investing in high frequency highly pragmatic guidance and activations is right here.

A life changing combination of channeling, energy balancing, paradigm shifting, consciousness raising and implementation !

Application details can be found below.

“What I got was just extraordinary.
Grace tunes into exactly what it is that will take you to your next level. “

Kath Clarke

Creator, The Digital Traffic Chick

“Grace is so the real deal. Her gifts to be able to connect to your soul team and channel their wisdom back to us is phenomenal.”

Kiara O'Leary

Founder, An Inspired Life

“Working with Grace was the best decision I ever made.  You’re a beautiful human being that has done amazing things.”

Brylee Mio

Founder, Leshan Consulting

I was so sick of going up and down all the time within myself.

I knew it was affecting my mindset, my marriage and my reactions to my kids. After having my first consult call with Grace to see if and how she could support me – I knew life was about to become so different. 

Grace has allowed me to find the ease and the fun in everyday situations. 

I have done a lot of personal development over the past 10 years, so I knew what it took to invest in myself and do the work.

One thing I never expected, is the impact working with Grace has done for my own self-esteem, my marriage and most importantly for my kids.

It’s a no brainer working with Grace. 

Investing in myself is non-negotiable.

I knew fear, worry and scarcity was secretly and unconsciously ruling my life. What I didn’t know was how I was going to let go of what I had known for 35 years, and re-start again.

Grace not only would breathe belief in me, I adapted new ways to breathe it in for myself. 

Before working with Grace, I was living and existing at 60% in all areas of my life. Grace is exactly like a light switch to me. It can be dull and dark when it’s off, but my gosh when it’s turned on – it’s bright, energizing, liberating and certain. 

I had paid thousands and thousands of dollars on counselors over the years, and I was originally hesitant investing in something again.

Grace’s philosophy and the way she listens, teaches and analyses is what makes me know I am the creator of my life and I have never been so certain of my being.

Bec Gear

Founder, Women Wine and Wealth

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