Miraculous Empowerment

Simple way to be a stronger Light Leader in record time
without burnout or sacrifice.

Light Leader Activation for Greater Success

We are feeling the urgency to

  • Activate & amplify more light
  • Upgrade our own and our businesses energy fields to receive more
  • To increase our strength of stewardship
  • Tune in and receive the new codes for our planet and for ourselves.

We know that part of this is allowing the presence of prosperous resources – Connections, finances, collaborations.

We know that as channels of consciousness, wealth of our Being is part of our channeling.

Channeling consciousness, while bypassing wealth is an unconscious association with lack and hardship that’s part of the matrix that keeps light leaders smaller than than their full capacity.

It’s time to tune up the channel.

Whether you’re already channeling infinite possibilities as your reality or you’re feeling called to greater empowerment attuned to the planetary evolution through your business, I am thrilled to invite you to gift you Miraculous Empowerment Guided Activation.

In this activation you will experience:

The new fields of Miraculous Empowerment that open your awareness of what is next for you and attunes you to action steps.

It’s like sitting in a bath of liquid gold that fills you up and refreshes your love of self and life.

What it truly feels like to be in full ease, grace and glory with your infinite path- your body – as you move through the planet Miraculously Empowered through beauty, possibilities and magic.

What it truly feels like to be held in the acknowledgement of your Light Leadership.

Many experience a life changing out breath that creates a greater sense of safety and support in spreading you infinite essence on this earth plane.

This deep nourishement is only available via connection to the infinite fields of Miraculous Empowerment. You re-enter with new enthusiasm for expression through your Light Inspired Business.

Now you can create your next iteration of business success.

You will Receive

Upon RSVP’ing to the Universe below, you’ll receive the link to a fully guided activation of Miraculous Empowerment. It is a full body experience of approximately 30 minutes. People report back to me they are on a high for days after.


Check out the experiences of other clients

Grace’s course (Triple Eclipse Catalyst) was highly supportive as well as enlightening.

After working with Grace for ~15 yrs I always know I will have the desired shifts I am ready for.

The roller coaster of emotions during upleveling is ‘no more.’ It is now a much smoother ride – full of ease and grace.

Thanks you for the powerful work you bring to the world and so graciously share with us.

Claire McFee

Founder, True Compass Coaching

I’m not sure I have the words to truly express my heartfelt gratitude towards Grace for this life-changing experience.

This wonderful experience allowed me to remove blockages, align with my soul purpose, activate it and then truly understand and own it. To say I was beyond excited for the final session is an understatement – so much so that my celestial team arrived an hour early for the session – and despite this excitement the session was still 1,000 times more than anything I could have ever dreamt of.

Brooke McDonald

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For a long time I’ve had a yearning to do more, be more, awaken to my life purposes… but I just couldn’t figure out how to get from where I was to where I knew I needed to be.

Without Grace’s help I know it would have taken me years (perhaps lifetimes) to get to this point of understanding and inner knowing about what I came here to do. It’s now top of mind and every day I make a conscious effort to generate soul inspired pathways to help align with my soul purpose.

“At the time I tried the Sacred Sequence of Success I was at a point in my life where my business was ready to expand into new possibilities and new directions.

The outcomes were rapid and took me by surprise – doors opened immediately and opportunities flooded in. So much so that I then decided to repeat the sequence a week later to help me cope with building success without worry I felt about how much work there was to be done! I am now up to my 3rd time of repeating the sequence.

Jane Robatham

Wellness Facilitator, Registered Nurse, Soul Clarity

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I feel so lucky to have this tool, a little bit of Grace there to help me on my path whenever I need it – all in the comfort of my own home. Brilliant! Thank you so much.”

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