21 Days of Awareness

21 days of guided intentions
for expansion of your presence

Liberate your next Level Potential


? This decade is filled with powerful & cosmic alignments which herald deep transformation & change.
​? Over this time, we actually shift from transformation into creation mastery.
​? These changes compel us to embrace our power as creators.
​? This shifts reality on a global level as well as personal level.
​? Transformation becomes too slow for what is on offer now.
​? Awareness is how we remember our creation mastery.


Our authentic power is living as awareness.

21 Days of Awareness
A Quantum Consciousness Awakening

The Benefits:

? The awareness, focus and frequency to consciously create in each moment.

? ​Deeper, wiser insights come to you as you operate at a higher frequency.

? The phrasing and energy activate freedom codes within you.

? Vibrational Stability

? Emotional calmness

? 21st Century paradigm attunements

? Increased capacity to show up powerfully

? ​Easy Amplification of your contribution. Simply by being more of You.

? Greater effectiveness to influence

? Realising your expanding potential

? ​Be the unique expression of Source you are.

Begin Anytime, Every Time

For 21 consecutive days this happens

? ​​You receive a recording of a deeply wise awareness awakening process of between 5 and 10 minutes.

? These come to you via email each morning.

? ​Each recording is a powerful Awareness Process.

? This activates as you listen AND

? You receive a simple phrase, question or declaration to implement during your day.

? This further attunes you to the activation in the recording.

? You listen each day from a dedicated Soundcload page so you can listen to it from anywhere.

? Continuity creates consistency.
? A simple daily focus to activate the best in you.

? Divinely directed sequential expansion of your awareness.

? Frequency activations from the Quantum Field

21 Days of Awareness
A Quantum Consciousness Awakening
21 Days of Liberating your Greater Potential

If You are looking to


? Back yourself.

? receive the energy and the awareness required to shift stuff

? ​​Strengthen your confidence and presence
? Receive daily inspiration for  actionable implementation
? Become more efective at Being True to YOU
? Gain awareness and confidence in  expanding potential

Then . . .

Continuity Creates Consistency
This is how it happens

Daily delivery of Divine Awareness to your email.


You listen to the recording from a dedicated Soundcloud page from any device.


Recordings are between 5 and 10 minutes.

Start each day super focused in high consciousness.


Each recording includes a simple phrase, question or statement you refer to during your day.

This simple daily focus point activates the best in you.

21 Days of Awareness
A Quantum Consciousness Awakening
21 Days of Liberating your Greater Potential

Hi I’m Grace Ambrook,

I’ll be chatting with you in each of the recordings for 21 Days.

This sharing is as powerful, practical and easy to commit to as possible.

Commitment to your deep inner knowing and potential is a huge way to create a greater life for ourselves and a greater world.

Joyfully in service to the raising of consciousness and accessing infinite possibilities is my commitment. That’s how I discovered the impact of consistency and the value of early morning alignments with golden truths.

This is what these sacred minutes in the 21 Awareness Practices provide – a consistency of expansion into all that you are.

The sequence builds on itself.
Amplifies within you.

And you find yourself sustaining your power, being the presence you know yourself to be and having fun.

This is what your soul knows and what your awareness rises to over these 21 days.


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